Teguh Ostenrik

Going home. Words that no longer resonate in my life.

I travel but I never leave my home. Since the world is my living room. I go where life takes me. I express what my senses deliver to my work on canvas or in 3D.

Every step I take is a new journey to my endless explorations.

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A travelling visual arts exhibition exploring identity, religion and change in the 21st century.

Curated by Ira Musnadi-Weskamp

Nomads are constantly on the move. They are seekers, movers, wanders. Identity Nomads do the same, redefining themselves on their journey.

Our identity is the result of constant negotiations with the world around us, the beliefs we adopt or leave behind and the challenges we encounter along the way. The sense of belonging to a group, a religion, a tradition is no longer a safe-haven, but becomes frayed by the introduction of global ideas and concepts. Globalization, urbanization, internationalization – life as we knew it has come apart and, at best, is reconstructed in segments, some from right where we are, others from across the globe. Migration, religion, ideology and tradition arbitrarily mingle and give birth to new beliefs.

Indonesian and German artists Daniel Kho, Lili Voigt, Odo Rumpf, Teguh Ostenrik, and Ito Joyoatmojo have embarked on a quest to explore and investigate this multitude of influences on their own identity. As much as their artworks differ in material and style, they singularly reflect what constructs or undermines the artists sense of who they are as individuals, in a society or as part of a nation. By inquiring into the nature of stereotypes and examining symbols of race, religion or gender, they question their own set of beliefs and their place in a world of shifting paradigms. Rapid transformations in societies the world over have become catalysts for the need to constantly re-examine ourselves. These Identity Nomads navigate cultures, belief systems and traditions, they find themselves striving for mutual understanding and acceptance.

Once the customary boundaries loosen their grip, the self becomes a construct, changing constantly as a response to an ever-changing world. The once complete and coherent identity rooted in tradition and customs is replaced by fragments taken from ideas across the globe.

The artists unmask this global identity crisis by examining their own lives and their relationship with the very things that used to strengthen the: religion, race, ideology, tradition, philosophy. For example: Living in a foreign country might not only present new insights into another lifestyle but also make us reflect on our own beliefs. We can accept or discard that which is different.

It is a perilous yet enticing journey. It is a journey that requires courage to face what we find along the way and what we find within us.

The exhibition confronts us with the artists struggles as each explores his or her own take on identity. With uncompromising candidness these artists tell their stories. Some might contradict, some might please, some might puzzle. But all of them are authentic. And all of them will keep moving. For some, this search is a chance to add value to their identity and self.

In a world of multiple cultures and beliefs, the artists navigate through the unknown, dealing with their own complexity of being through painting, sculpture, or video installation. The language of self-expression does not know restrictions unless we form them. It is a language which grows stronger with conviction, knowledge and truth. Identity Nomads are on their way. Seeking. Learning. Sharing. Laughing.

The visitors of the exhibition are invited to examine what is presented to them and what this means for their own life’s journey.

Jutta Odenwälder

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Ito Joyoatmojo about IDENTITY NOMADS

Whenever I reflect on life, I feel the urge to toss away my passport.

Borders often divide, rather than unite. The geography of territories is distressing, but I am confident that –with a little effort – we can find a way to positively deal with these issues to our mutual benefit.


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Life is a journey. We are constantly on the move. In transit from one place to the next. We move between cities, countries, continents and maybe – soon – even planets. Stephen Hawking was convinced that, within the next 100 years, man will settle on planets nearby.

The “Identity Nomads” exhibition dedicates itself to this journey that is life, may it be as a microcosm or as a fragment of the vast universe. Nevertheless, the works can only attempt to capture the significance of this journey.

Life is a puzzle, and each piece must be discovered and added to the picture of who we are. And when that happens, we just continue our nomadic journey.

Daniel Kho about IDENTITY NOMADS

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Ito Joyoatmojo

was born 1958 in Jakarta, Indonesia

1973 Fine Art School SSRI, Yogyakarta
1977 Fine Art Academy IKJ, Jakarta


BRT 19 3E-2AP 0314 TRAPPED, 2018
BR M9 3E-2AP 0314 TRAPPED, 2018
IY_Angry Nations, 2015-2017, 2000 Figures
From the series „Angry Nations“
2015 – 2017, 2000 figures
2016, from the Broken Kitsch series, 60 X 60 cm
2016, from the Broken Kitsch series, 60 X 60 cm

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Lili Voigt

was born 1965 in Karlsruhe, Germany

First studied photography. Afterwards postgraduate studies and diploma of
audiovisual media at the Kunsthochschule für Medien Köln (Master studies).

Continuous activity as media artist. Numerous exhibitions,
audio-visual performances and concerts combining visual arts such as
paintings, videos, language and electronic music.

Interactive electronic media art solo exhibitions e.g. at the Artmuseum Bonn
as well as live performances e.g. at the Art- and Exhibitionhall Bonn.
Awarded with the Chargesheimer Stipendium of Cologne. Also international
awards such as the New Talent price of the Multimedia fair Milia in Cannes
or the EuroPrix 2000, Best of Multimedia in Europe.


LV_access all arenasLV_diffusion

LV_social update
2018, series with 5 to 10 images, 40 x 70 cm, digital photography

LV_Universal God_2

LV_Universal God_1
„UNIVERSAL GOD“, , picture excerpts
2018, video, lenght: Loop

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Teguh Ostenrik

was born 1950 in Jakarta, Indonesia

Internationally celebrated Painter and Sculptor, Teguh Ostenrik holds a
Master Degree in Fine Arts Hochschule der Kuenste, West Berlin, Germany.
He has had more than one hundred solo and group exhibitions in the USA,
Europe (France, the Netherlands, Germany),Australia and throughout Asia.

His art works and commissioned projects are collected by many private collectors,
museums, international institutions and major corporations. To name a few are
Willem de Kooning Studio – USA, St.Mary of the Angels Church – Singapore,
Fukuoka Art Museum – Japan.

Among many noteworthy recognitions, Ostenrik was awarded
The Best Artist 2009 in Visual Arts Category by Tempo Magazine
and the Top Ten Philip Morris Art Award in 1997.

Most of Ostenrik’s works were created based on his respect to environment.
He used lots of recycle material and mother earth colors.
He believes that having himself raised in Indonesian culture, graduated from
Hochschulle der Künste West Berlin, Germany and later resided in Europa
for 16 years, has created a two sided insights in his works.
The Indonesian and European culture has merged in him and subconsciously
shaped his artistic statement.

014. Lossestotrainpatience A.o.C 120x100cm jakarta2018 hr
Losses to train patience, 120 x 100 cm, 2018, Acrylic on Canvas
TO_Berliner Mauer
„Transcending Limits““
2017, Teguh (below) observes the placement of a part of the art installation in Kalijodo Park
(Foto: JP/Seto Wardhana)
“ARTifical Reef project” in Lombok, Indonesia
2017, Domus Piramidis yang ditanamkan di Pulau Sepa,
Kepulauan Seribu
(Foto: Yayasan Terumbu Rupa)
„Corpus Christi“
2015, sculpture from scrap metal, high 5.30 m
„Answering My Own Wave“
2014, Welded Alumunium wok

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Odo Rumpf

was born 1961 in Leverkusen, Germany

Degreed engineer for machine construction (RWTH Aachen)

Studies in art and co-work with Prof. Thomas Virnich (Art Academy Braunschweig)

Since 1991 he is a self-depend artist for his main occupation

In 1993: acceptance as an artist, Prof. H.P. Schall, Art Academy Düsseldorf

Since 2005 1st Chairman of the Art club AG Leverkusener Artists


Sculptures made of steel and finds of the old industry, kinetic large-scaled objects (solar-techniques), sculptures of the media and space-installations

Merkur 2_h105cm_2015_-stone statue from bali_ metalscrap
2015, Stonecast statue and metalscrap finds from Bali, High 110 cm
VENUS Odo Rumpf 01
2015, Stonecast statue and metalscrap finds from Bali, High 125 cm
2015, stonecast statue and metalscrap finds from Bali, High 120 cm
2015, stonecast statue and metalscrap finds from Bali, High 160 cm
2015, stone statue from Bali, circuit boards, High 145 cm

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Daniel Kho

was born 1956 in Central Java, Indonesia

In the early 70`s Daniel Kho learned the techniques of batik-making, sculpture and painting as an autodidact. 1977 he moved to Germany.

1998 received a scholarship from the Jacob Eschweiler Art Foundation;

1999 – 2006 he teaches art and performance as part of the “MUS-E Artists in Schools” Project, which is organized in Germany by the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation.

In 2002 he founded the “Shadow Theatre Kho” in Cologne.

2009 initiated with friends Djagad Art House in Bali.

Since 2012 Lives and works in Bali , Barcelona and Cologne.


2018, mixed media on canvas, three images each 120 x 50 cm
DK_Some Where 1968, 120 x 80 cm, 2018 ,Acryl on Canvas
“Somewhere 1968”
2018, acryl on canvas, two images each 120 x 80 cm
„Praying Machine“
2016, mixed media on fiberglass, 180 x 200 x 52 cm
„Window“ (front)
2015, acryl on wood, 34 x 52 x 12 cm
„Gray Planet“
2013, mixed media on canvas, 40 x 40 cm

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To me personally, the “Identity Nomads” exhibition presents a counter-concept to the global trend of exclusion and isolation.

By connecting (un)social media and politics, the world is at risk of becoming trivialized. Emotions not facts get center stage. Fake news can hardly be distinguished from real stories anymore. This opens the door for manipulation into false beliefs. We are being distracted from the truth and true issues. The artist can make a case for understanding and reflecting on others with an open mind, guided by a sense of respect and appreciation of that which is different.

This exhibition can inspire not to judge, but to grow with the encounters of “foreign” and “other” we experience in our lives.

Lili Voigt


Odo, citizen of the world.

My curiosity drives me to discover how different people live on our planet. What do we have in common? What makes us different? What values do we hold and what is it we believe in?

I am naturally inquisitive about the world and I find the unfamiliar especially enticing. I am ready to immerse myself in this new, exciting world, ready to observe and experience unconditionally, with all my senses. I want to think, feel, taste and learn to understand those friends I have not even met. But it also makes me reflect on myself, who I am and who I am not.

Can I be different and stay the same? Does our upbringing, faith or values separate us? Would we be the same if we had grown up in each other’s place? Everything that resonates with me is analyzed, compared, evaluated and stored.

The artist in me is constantly at work, clandestinely sketching, drawing, designing. Materials, machines, and tools are being recruited and employed along the way. Eventually everything comes together and something new is conceived.

Palingenesis as an expression of all synergies and auras.

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