Daniel Kho

was born 1956 in Central Java, Indonesia

In the early 70`s Daniel Kho learned the techniques of batik-making, sculpture and painting as an autodidact. 1977 he moved to Germany.

1998 received a scholarship from the Jacob Eschweiler Art Foundation;

1999 – 2006 he teaches art and performance as part of the “MUS-E Artists in Schools” Project, which is organized in Germany by the Yehudi Menuhin Foundation.

In 2002 he founded the “Shadow Theatre Kho” in Cologne.

2009 initiated with friends Djagad Art House in Bali.

Since 2012 Lives and works in Bali , Barcelona and Cologne.


2018, mixed media on canvas, three images each 120 x 50 cm
DK_Some Where 1968, 120 x 80 cm, 2018 ,Acryl on Canvas
“Somewhere 1968”
2018, acryl on canvas, two images each 120 x 80 cm
„Praying Machine“
2016, mixed media on fiberglass, 180 x 200 x 52 cm
„Window“ (front)
2015, acryl on wood, 34 x 52 x 12 cm
„Gray Planet“
2013, mixed media on canvas, 40 x 40 cm

Daniel Kho


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