Odo, citizen of the world.

My curiosity drives me to discover how different people live on our planet. What do we have in common? What makes us different? What values do we hold and what is it we believe in?

I am naturally inquisitive about the world and I find the unfamiliar especially enticing. I am ready to immerse myself in this new, exciting world, ready to observe and experience unconditionally, with all my senses. I want to think, feel, taste and learn to understand those friends I have not even met. But it also makes me reflect on myself, who I am and who I am not.

Can I be different and stay the same? Does our upbringing, faith or values separate us? Would we be the same if we had grown up in each other’s place? Everything that resonates with me is analyzed, compared, evaluated and stored.

The artist in me is constantly at work, clandestinely sketching, drawing, designing. Materials, machines, and tools are being recruited and employed along the way. Eventually everything comes together and something new is conceived.

Palingenesis as an expression of all synergies and auras.

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