About Lili

Was born 1965 in Karlsruhe, Germany.

Study of photography. Postgraduate studies and diploma of audiovisual media at the Kunsthochschule
für Medien Köln (Master studies).

Continuous activity as media artist. Numerous exhibitions, audio-visual performances and concerts
combining visual arts such as paintings, videos, language and electronic music.

Interactive electronic media art solo exhibitions e.g. at the Artmuseum Bonn as well as live performances e.g. at the Art- and Exhibition Hall Bonn. Awarded with the Chargesheimer Stipendium of Cologne.
Also received international awards such as the New Talent price of the Multimedia fair Milia in Cannes
or the EuroPrix 2000, Best of Multimedia in Europe.


To me personally, the “Identity Nomads” exhibition presents a counter-concept to the global trend of exclusion and isolation.By connecting (un)social media and politics, the world is at risk of becoming trivialized.
Emotions not facts get center stage. Fake news can hardly be distinguished from real stories anymore.
This opens the door for manipulation into false beliefs. We are being distracted from the truth and true issues.
The artist can make a case for understanding and reflecting on others with an open mind, guided by a sense of respect and appreciation of that which is different.

This exhibition can inspire not to judge, but to grow with the encounters of “foreign” and “other” we experience in our lives.

What inspired you to create your work for Identity Nomads?

Identity: Self-image and ideals.
The individual pursuit of happiness determines the behavior of mankind on their planet. Money, technology and media have become substitute gods worshipped by modern society. In their exorbitant craving for recognition men become “wannabegods” between self-realization and self-loss.
Sooner or later, everywhere and nowhere, they revel in their impossible presence in the “network world” and celebrate the irrational rationality.

The circle closes. The old and the new nomads leave their footprints. After the end of civilization we are all barefooted again.

Short Biography


Dokumenta 15, within the presentation of the German-Indonesian Society, Kassel, Germany
ART JAKARTA, jagad Booth A11
TRUE COLOURS – Farbe bekennen, International groupexhibition, Galerie Musnadi-Weskamp, Cologne, Germany
Cologne Art Fair, Gallery Koppelmann Booth G10, Cologne, Germany
remotegallery, Leipzig, Germany

„100 % NATURE“, Catalogue of a Group Exhibition, 2 Contributions, 6811 Kunstverein, Cologne, Germany “FROM FOREST AND FIELD”, Mediaart group exhibition, “Altes Pfandhaus”, Cologne, Germany
“Self-Reflection: Corona Feeling”, Medialoop, Gallery Koppelmann, Cologne, Germany
„Shortfilm-Days Rheinpfalz“, Neustadt, Germany
“INSPIRE!”, International group exhibition, Gallery Musnadi-Weskamp, “Altes Pfandhaus”, Cologne, Germany
„70 years of German-Indonesian society“, Medialoop, Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum, Cologne, Germany
„Cities and ethnological museums – (How) does that fit together?“, Videoclips Rautenstrauch-Joest Museum together with students of the University of Cologne, Germany

WDR Big Band Show, 4 Episodes, Stage Projections, Cologne, Germany
SWISSARTEXPO 2020, Zürich, Switzerland
Galeri Bentara Budaya, Jakarta, Indonesia

Galeri Raos, Batu, Indonesia
Seasonopening, Lightprojections for the WDR-Synphonieorchestra, Klaus von Bismarck-Hall, Cologne, Germany
„Ballhaus Berlin“, Lightprojections for the WDR-Funkhausorchestra, Klaus von Bismarck-Hall, Cologne, Germany
5th International Art Festival “Freedom and peace”, Art Museum Geoje, South Korea
“City Crash”, Kulturfabrik Leipzig, Germany
German Brand Award for the TV Station “phoenix” brand appearance

Gallery Musnadi-Weskamp with Gallery Smend, Medialoop contribution, Cologne, Germany
Opener “THE WALL”, Lightprojection, Artforum Alteburger Wall, Cologne, Germany

BIDAF, Bandung international digital arts festival, Bandung, Indonesia

Nominated for the „Wolfgang Hahn Award 2016“ Museum Ludwig, Cologne, Germany

KOLGA TBILISI PHOTO, Group Exhibition, Museum of Fine Arts, Gallery Koppelmann, Tiflis, Georgia
CITYLEAKS Streetart-Festival, Solo Exhibition, Gallery Koppelmann, Cologne, Germany
KUNST5GALLERY, Open-Space Gallery, Cologne

Act Photography, Gallery Koppelmann, Group Exhibition, Cologne, Germany
OSTRALE, Musikperformance with PRÜGELSTRAFE, Dresden, Germany
„kurzundschön“, moving images-competition for young creatives, Jury: public art
„Night of the Museums“, in the old Pawnshop, PRÜGELSTRAFE Concert, Cologne, Germany

Several musical performances with the group PRÜGELSTRAFE (Lili Voigt, Krips, 213)

Kunstverein Gummersbach, Solo Exhibition, Germany

„Art and humour“, Group Exhibition, BBK, Cologne, Germany

Gallery Rachel Haferkamp, Group Exhibition, Cologne, Germany

”Media-Painting”, Solo Exhibition, Galery Erhard Klein, Bad Münstereifel, Germany

”Viper” – Interactive Media, contribution, Basel, Switzerland
ZKM, Media Arts, Group Exhibition, Karlsruhe, Germany
Bonner Kunstverein, Artothek, Germany

“KritzKratz-Video-Art“, Lecture for the Video Library „Oppenheim“, Art Museum Bonn, Germany
”EuroPrix 2000”, Group Exhibition, Best of Multimedia in Europa
”CYNETart”, contribution, Art Exhibition Halls, Dresden, Germany
La Vilette, Media Arts, Group Exhibition, Paris, France
ART Cologne, Gallery Maximilian Krips

”Kritzkratz-Zentrum”, Solo Exhibition, Art Exhibition Halls, Bonn, Germany

Marketplace, Milia, Group Exhibition, Cannes, France
”Chargesheimer Scholarship” from the city of Cologne, Germany
Media-Arts Festival ”Viper”, Group Exhibition, Luzern, Switzerland
„KritzKratz-City“, CD-Rom, Group Exhibition, Montreal, Canada

New Talent Pavillon, Milia, Cannes, France
„The 50 Best“ International Video-Art Award, contribution, SWR (TV) und ZKM Karlsruhe, Video-Art Night
„KritzKratz-City“, CD-Rom, Group Exhibition, Montreal, Canada
“Cyber“, Centro Cultural de Belèm, Group Exhibition, Lissabon, Portugal
3.International Biennial „film+arc.graz“, Group Exhibition, Berlin, Germany

Videonale7, contribution, Bonn, Germany
„German Video-Art 1994-1996“, contribution, Skulpture Museum Glaskasten Marl, Germany
MEDIA-SCAPE 5 „Control, Shift, Escape“ – Group Exhibition, Museum of Contemporary Art, Zagreb, Croatia
ART COLOGNE, KHM, Group Exhibition, Germany

K.E.M.A. 1 „Media Art 1“ – WUK – Exhibition Hall Exnergasse, Vienna, Austria
Gallery Canizaris, Group Exhibition, Goethe Institut Brasilien
„Manual Devices“, contribution, Videoprogram ART Frankfurt, Germany

Gallery Berndt, Cologne, Germany
„Borderlines“ Experimental Photography, Group Exhibition, Post Museum Frankfurt, Germany
„German Art with Photography-the nineties“, Group Exhibition, Architecture Museum Frankfurt, Germany


“KritzKratz-Videoanimations“, video collection „Oppenheim“, Art Museum Bonn, Germany
ZKM, Media Arts Museum, Karlsruhe, Germany

Guest lectures and talks about media Art

„kurzundschön“, moving images-competition for young creatives, Jury: public art
„Digital Art“, Bonner Kunstverein – Artothek, lecture and Solo Exhibition, 2000
“KritzKratz-Videoanimations“, video collection „Oppenheim“, lecture about video Art, Art Museum Bonn, Germany, 2000
”KritzKratz-Zentrum”, Art- and Exhibition Halls, Bonn, lecture, 1999
Bauhaus-University Weimar, Guest lectures about media Art, 1997

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