About Teguh

Was born 1950 in Jakarta, Indonesia.

Internationally celebrated Painter and Sculptor, Teguh Ostenrik holds a Master Degree in Fine Arts
from Universität der Künste, Berlin, Germany.
He has had more than one hundred solo and group exhibitions in the USA, Europe
(France, the Netherlands, Germany), Australia and throughout Asia.

His art works and commissioned projects are collected by many private collectors, museums,
international institutions and major corporations. Such as Willem de Kooning Studio – USA, St.Mary
of the Angels Church – Singapore, Fukuoka Art Museum–Japan.

Among many noteworthy recognitions, Ostenrik was awarded Best Artist 2009 in Visual Arts Category
by the Tempo Magazine and the Top Ten Philip Morris Art Award in 1997.

Most of Ostenrik’s works were created based on his respect for the environment. He used lots of recycle material and mother earth colors. He believes that having raised in Indonesian culture, graduated from Universität der Künste, Berlin, Germany and later living in Europa for 16 years, has created a bilateral insights in his works.
The Indonesian and European culture have merged in him and subconsciously shaped his artistic work.

Teguh is also the founder of Yayasan Terumbu Rupa, a Coral Reef revitalization project using an
art installation to grow new coral.


You are the largest on the land, the proud elephant
Roam with your herd, following the step to measure the world
Dreaming in standing position, you look awesome
Your long memories try to learn to forget the weak
You spread the seed of life in every step
I am grieving to see you fall and you have to struggle to stand back up
Did you ask your friend “Would you get my tail?”

What inspired you to create your work for Identity Nomads?

Going home.
Words that no longer resonate in my life. I travel but I never leave my home.
Since the world is my living room. I go where life takes me.
I express what my sense deliver to my work on canvas or in 3 D.
Every step I take is a new journey to my endless explorations.

Short Biography


“State of Flux”, Galerie Musnadi – Weskamp, Cologne, Germany

“Transcending Limit” – using 4 original Berlin Wall segment Kalijodo Jakarta (permanent public art)

“Domus Sepiae”, Artificial Reef Park, Senggigi – Lombok
“Light of Senggigi”, Paintings and sculpture, Qunci Villas Lombok

“Linea Nigra” Paintings and Scrap Metal Sculptures, CG Artspace, Jakarta, Indoneisa
“deFACEment” Paintings and Scrap Metal Sculptures, Tembi Contemporary, Yogyakarya, Indonesia
“Sarong – Identity?” Paintings and Bronze Sculptures, Galeri Semarang – JAD, Jakarta Indonesia

“deFACEment” Paintings and Scrap Metal Sculptures, organized by Ide Global Art, Gedung Arsip Nasional, Jakarta,
“10×10 : An Accidental Autobiography”, AOD Artspace, Jakarta, Indonesia

“ deFACEment” Paintings and Scrap Metal Sculptures, Alpha Utara Gallery, Penang – Malaysia
“NEO” Paintings, Koong Gallery, Jakarta , Indonesia

“Kamasutra Femmes“ Paintings and Bronze Sculptures, East & West Art Gallery , Melbourne – Australia

“Compassion“ Church of St. Mary of the Angels – Singapore
“Look At Me“ Paintings and Bronze Sculptures, Nadi Gallery, Jakarta- Indonesia

“Praise” Bronze Sculptures & Terracotta Panels organized by Yaddo Art, Intercontinental Hotel, Manila – Philippines

“Homo Sapiens” Paintings, Terracotta Panels & Bronze Sculptures organized by Yaddo Art, Millenia Tower, Singapore
“Corpus Terrae” Sketches & Bronze Sculptures, Valentine Willie Fine Art, The Chedi Ubud, Bali, Indonesia

“TubuhmuTubuh” Paintings, Drawings & Bronze Sculptures, Alila Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Menembus Batas (Grenzüberwindung )”, Goethe Institut, Jakarta, Indonesia


“Daun Khatulistiwa” – ARTJOG 2019, Yogyakarta

“Art for Purpose”, United Nation Day, National Museum Jakarta
“Minimal Moments” 10-25 September 2016, Galerie Musnadi-Weskamp, Germany
“Manifesto 5”, National Gallery, Jakarta

“Basoeki Abdullah”, National Gallery, Jakarta

“Horizon of Strength”, Kunstring Paleis, Jakarta, Indonesia
“ICAD”, Grand Kemang, Jakarta , Indonesia

“Jakarta Pameran Sketsa”, Bentara Budaya Jakarta, Indonesia

“1001 doors”-Jakart Contemporary Art+Craft+Design,
Ciputra Marketing Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Ekspansi”, National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia

“White Cube”, CGartspace, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Halimun”, Lawangwangi artspace, Bandung, Indonesia
“Pseudo Agony”, Elcanna Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Space&Image”, Ciputra World, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Crossing Border”, National Gallery – organized by Andy Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Tramendum” – 10th Anniversary of Philo Artspace, National Gallery, Jakarta , Indonesia
“Sudjojono”, Galeri Canna, Jakarta Indonesia
“10th Anniversary Nadi Gallery”, National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
“A Moment to Abstract”, Galeri Canna, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Revisiting Last Supper”, CGartspace, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Orang Jawa Ilang Jawane”,Balai Soedjatmoko,Solo,Indonesia
“Seni Rupa Rai Gedheg”, Bentara Budaya Yogyakarta dan Bentara Budaya Jakarta,Indonesia
“Perang, Kata dan Rupa”, Salihara, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Up & Hope”, dPeak, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Bazaar Art Jakarta-Indonesia Art Festival”, installation of 500 woks kinetic mobile titled “Wok with Me”
commissioned project of Pacific Place Jakarta,Indonesia
“Happiness 09”, 4th Anniversary of Philo Art Space, Jakarta,Indonesia
KADO#2, 9th Anniversary of Nadi Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Manifesto”, National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia – participated with more than 300 artists.
“E-motion”, 4th Anniversary of Visual Arts Magazine, National Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Dari Penjara ke Pigura”, Festival Salihara, Jakarta,Indonesia
“Self Portrait” Famous Living Artists of Indonesia, Jogja Gallery, Indonesia.

“Relation” (Tanah Air : Seni Patung & Lingkungan) organized by Edwin Gallery, Pakuwon City Surabaya, Indonesia
“Simply Bodies 2” organized by Bilik 3Dharma, Mercantile Athletic Club Jakarta, Indonesia
“Humanity of Mamannoor“ organized by Andi’s Gallery, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Conscience Celebrate“, September Art Events organized by Edwin Gallery, Jakarta , Indonesia
“Extending the Beauty of Arts“, 80th Anniversary of Canisius College, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Keindahan Rasa Gerak Tubuh“ organized by Mon Décor Gallery Jakarta, Indonesia
Malihom AIR Program at ABN AMRO Gallery – Penang, Malaysia

“Embodying The Present“ – Tonyraka Fine Art Gallery, Bali, Indonesia
“East West Art Collections I“ organized by East West Art Gallery, ArtSingapore 2006, Singapore
“East West Art Collections II” organized by East West Art Gallery, Shanghai Art 2006, Shanghai, China
“Human” – The Peak Resto Gallery, Bandung, Indonesia

“A Brush with Lions“ Sing Art, Singapore

Grand Opening – Taksu Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia
Grand Opening – Taksu Singapore, Singapore
Malindo (Malaysia Indonesia) – Taksu Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Corpus – Strength & Sensibility”, organized by Yaddo Art, Millenia Tower, Singapore
“Elements: Earth, Water, Wind & Fire” organized by Yaddo Art, Millenia Tower, Singapore
“The Contemporary Asian Art Fair” with Valentine Willie Fine Art, ArtsSingapore, Singapore

“Corpus – Strength & Sensibility”, organized by Yaddo Art, Millenia Tower, Singapore
“Elements: Earth, Water, Wind & Fire” organized by Yaddo Art, Millenia Tower, Singapore
“The Contemporary Asian Art Fair” with Valentine Willie Fine Art, ArtsSingapore, Singapore

“Re (aching) the Roots” Video Art, Erasmus Huis, Jakarta, Indonesia


“Gandari” – Dance Opera, Stage Design – Music Composer Tony Prabowo, Director Yudi Tajuddin, Jakarta

“Andai” choreographed by Yudistira Syuman, Art Director, Teater Salihara, Jakarta , Indonesia

“Panji Sepuh” by Tony Prabowo, Stage and Visual Art, Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, Jakarta Indonesia
“Lelaki Dan Koper” by Richard Oh, Movie Art Director, Luma Productions, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Panji Sepuh II” by Tony Prabowo, Stage and Visual Art Director, National Museum of Singapore, Singapore

“Music for Solo Performer” by Tony Prabowo, Goethe Haus, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Alam Rahim” by Jeffriandi Usman, Video Installation,lighting and stage design, Goethe Haus, Jakarta, Indonesia

“Stretching the Voice“, Tony Prabowo, Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Invisible Sketches”, Yudistira Syuman, Kreativitat Dance Indonesia, Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, Jakarta, Indonesia
“Let Them Touch The Sky” Tanz Theater choreography by Teguh Ostenrik, Gedung Kesenian Jakarta, Jakarta,


“Biarkan Mereka Menjamah Langit” (Let Them Touch The Sky) by Teguh Ostenrik – Gedung Kesenian Jakarta,
Jakarta, Indonesia


Dahlem Museum, Berlin, Germany
PT. Sampoerna Bank, Jakarta, Indonesia
Bank Universal Jakarta, Indonesia
Lippo Bank Jakarta, Indonesia
The German Embassy Jakarta, Indonesia
Fukuoka Art Museum, Japan
Hotel Papandayan Bandung, Indonesia
Melia Panorama Batam, Indonesia
Sol Inn Legian, Bali, Indonesia
Sol Paradiso Hotel Kuta, Bali, Indonesia
Itami Art Museum, Japan
Sime-Darby Apartment, Singapore
The Legian Hotel, Bali, Indonesia
Tropic Apartement, Jakarta, Indonesia
Four Season’s Apartment, Jakarta, Indonesia
Graha Kirana, Jakarta, Indonesia
Quantum Health Club – Robata Grill, Jakarta, Indonesia
Borobudur Intercontinental Hotel, Jakarta, Indonesia
Jakarta Stock Exchange, Indonesia
Menara Kadin Jakarta, Indonesia
The Darmawangsa Jakarta, Indonesia
Asean Buliding Jakarta, Indonesia
Klinik Am Ring, Köln, Germany
The Sultan Hotel Jakarta, Indonesia
The Club (The Legian Villas), Bali, Indonesia
Church of St. Mary of the Angels at Bukit Batok, Singapore 2003
Bank Indonesia Head Quarter, Jakarta, Indonesia
Kompleks Villa 88 – Gunung Geulis – Indonesia
Bukit Doa ( Via Dolorosa) – Manado, Indonesia 2005
Lawangwangi artspace, Bandung, Indonesia
Ford Avenue Residence, Singapore
Church of St.John the Evangelist, Jakarta, Indonesia
Chirch Kristus Raja, Jakarta, Indonesia
Bukit Golf Pondok Indah Residence, Jakarta
Willem deKooning Studio, New Hampton, NY-USA
STF Drijarkara, Jakarta
Hotel Santika Bintaro, Jakarta 2013
Church Anak Domba – Yohanes Maria Vianney, Jakarta 2015
Sopo Del Office Tower, Mega Kuningan, Jakarta 2016
Swiss Club Residence, Singapore 2016
Menara BNI Jakarta, 2018
DI Pandjaitan – 8 meter height sculpture, North Sumatra, 2019

ARTificial Reef Project in Indonesia

Domus Frosiquilo , Ternate, North Maluku

Domus Scutum, Sepa Island, North Jakarta
Domus Hippocampi, Bangka Island, North Sulawesi

Domus Arkae Similis, Sepa Island, North Jakarta
Domus Piramidis Dugong, Bangka Island, North Sulawesi
Domus Piramidis Antennarius dan Selaroides, Sepa Island, North Jakarta

Domus Longus, Wakatobi, South East Sulawesi
Domus Musculi, Pelangi Island, North Jakarta

Domus Sepiae, Senggigi, Lombok


Artist of the Year – Tempo Magazine

Representing Indonesia to commemorate 10Th Anniversary of China-Asean Expo
Judge Member at China Asean Youth Art Creativity Contest in Nanning – China

Leading Visual Artist 2009 – by Tempo Magazine

Artist in Residence, a Program of ABN-AMRO and Wawasan Open University, Penang – Malaysia

Guest lecturer in Beijing Central Academy of Art – China

Jury at China Asean Youth Art Creativity Contest in Nanning – China

Top Ten Philip Morris Art Award

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