Our identity is the result of constant negotiations with the world around us, the beliefs we adopt or leave behind and the challenges we encounter along the way. Our everyday life requires decisions which make us part of a group or isolate us from one. The sense of belonging to a group, a religion, a tradition is no longer a safe haven, but becomes frayed by the introduction of global ideas and concepts. Globalization, urbanization, internationalization, life as we knew it came apart and at best, was reconstructed in segments which came to us from right here or across the globe. Migration, religion, ideology and tradition arbitrarily re-grouped forming new beliefs.

For some this is a chance to add value to their identity and self. Others feel betrayed and disconnected.

The identity Nomads started a perilous yet enticing journey. It is a journey that requires courage to face what we find along the way and, more importantly within us.

Without set boundaries, the self is a construct now, changing constantly as a response to an ever-changing world. The once complete and coherent identity rooted in tradition and customs is being replaced by fragments taken from ideas across the globe. The artists are
unmasking this global identity crisis by examining their own lives and their relationship
with the very things that used to strengthen our Self: religion, race, ideology, tradition,
philosophy. For example: Living in a foreign country might not only present new insights
into another life-style but also make us reflect on our own beliefs. We can accept ordiscard that which is different.

The exhibition confronts us with the artists own struggles as each explores his or her own take on identity: Does my religion make me a part of something or does it isolate me?
How tolerant am I of the values of others? Do I still connect with who I was? With
uncompromising candour these artists expose themselves. In a unique visual language
they tell their stories, all equal in relation to each other. Some might contradict, some
might please, some might puzzle. But all of them are authentic. And all of them will keep

As Nomads in a world of multiple cultures and beliefs, the artist navigates through the
unknow, dealing with the complexity of being through painting, sculpture, video
installation. The language of self-expression does not know restrictions unless we form
them. It is a language which grows stronger with conviction and truth. It is for the visitors of the exhibition to decide how much this will mean to them for their own journey.

Jutta Odenwälder

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